If you're unfortunate enough to have an accident, follow the information below, contact CarPro and leave the rest to us.We liaise with your insurance company and handle the entire process. We can also provide a pick-up and delivery service Auckland-wide.

You DO have the right to choose your repairer. You don't have to accept any repairer recommended by your insurer or tow truck company; it wont affect your claim.

We've put together an 'accident checklist' brochure to help you in the event of an accident.

Download a copy here; print and keep a copy in your glove box. If you have an accident then use this leaflet as a handy reference and more importantly, to record the details of the other parties involved.

Carpro leaflet


  • If your vehicle is in the way of other traffic, put your hazard lights on and safely move your car to the nearest verge or curb.

  • Check that everyone in the vehicle is ok. If there are injuries dial 111 for an ambulance. Any injuries must be reported to the Police within 24 hours. Also, if there is a dispute, report it to the police immediately by dialling 111.

  • If there are witnesses ask for their name and phone number and record the details on the accident form on the next page.

  • Assess the damage to your vehicle. Is it safe to drive or should you call for assistance i.e. a tow truck? Call CarPro during normal office hours, or our Towing Company partners A1 Towing on 0800 220033 and mention CarPro.

  • If possible use a camera or mobile phone to photograph the damage or sketch a picture on the accident form.

  • Complete the accident form ; with your details as well as the other party's details.
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