- Is my vehicle locked away at night?
Your car is perfectly safe whilst it remains on our premises. All vehicles are stored in our workshops which are protected by monitored alarms.
- Will I be getting new parts or repairing my part?
We will usually advise you of the intended repair at the time.
- I have had an accident, what do I do now?
We have put together a comprehensive list of the steps that you can take if you have an accident. If you have visited our workshops then we will likely have given you a copy of our accident checklist brochure. If not, you can download a copy here
- Could I have other work done at the same time as the accident work?
Yes this is no problem and usually more economical for you. If you have any work that you wish to have us look at then please advise us prior and we can provide you with a detailed estimate.
- I have had an accident and my vehicle has been towed; what do I do now?
Simply ring your local CarPro branch and leave the rest to us!
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