If you're unsure as to how the repair process works, we've put the following list together. If you have any further questions then please contact us.
Stages to Repair:
Stage 1
When damage has been sustained to your vehicle either phone, email or drive in to let us advise on the next course of action. If an insurance claim is to be made we will advise you of the process with an assessor involved or digital imaging. A comprehensive computerised estimate will be produced and sent electronically, with digital images, directly to your Insurance company or passed directly to the Insurance assessor.
If your car needs to be towed we will organise this and arrange the estimate & images for repairs to the Insurance company.
Stage 2
Once in receipt of the estimate the insurance company will agree the repair process and authorise us to proceed with the repairs. This will normally be within 48 hours.
Stage 3
Once we have received authority, we will organise delivery of all parts required for the repair to your vehicle as agreed with your insurer.
Stage 4
When the parts have arrived one of our reception team will contact you to agree a convenient booking date for repairs to commence. At this stage it would be helpful to inform us if you wish any private work to be carried out at the same time as the Insurance repairs.
Stage 5
Repairs will commence. Our reception staff will keep you regularly informed of your vehicle's progress throughout the repair process. Please feel free to phone or email if you require any additional updates.
Stage 6
Upon completion of repairs the vehicle will be washed, leathered and the interior vacuumed. It will then proceed through a final quality control check.
Stage 7
Once all of the above steps have been satisfactorily completed a member of our our reception team will contact you to arrange the return of your completed vehicle.  
Stage 8
When picking up your vehicle we will collect any payment for additional work or excess owing on the claim if applicable. We regret vehicles cannot be released without payment. Cash, credit card or eftpos are accepted.
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